Our flagship program for cutting supply costs

National DME provides inventory outsourcing solutions to hospitals, physician practices, outpatient clinics and surgical centers.

National DME partners with facilities to provide medical equipment including orthopedic soft-goods, spine bracing, cold therapy and other modalities to patients in both outpatient and inpatient settings. We take over the entire management of inventory including purchasing, warehousing and re-stocking at the shelf level. By outsourcing this inventory, our practice partners save money in supply costs, obtain products from any manufacturer of their choosing and ensure consistent standards of care.

The National DME Inventory Outsourcing program is comprehensive and includes medical supplies in departments as diverse as occupational therapy, outpatient surgery, emergency departments, inpatient departments and community clinics. The program is easy to implement and simple to operate. Inventory is delivered by uniformed personnel utilizing the latest in information technology.

Steps to Implementation

Step One:

Contract review and acceptance.

Step Two:

Space to be used by the program in each department is determined and sub-leased to National DME under OIG ‘Safe Harbor’ regulations.

Step Three:

Establish timeline to phase in program throughout client facility and departments.

Step Four:

National DME representatives work with Department heads and Supply Chain Managers to determine manufacturers, products and protocol details including the availability of on-site personnel.

Step Five:

National DME technical support staff work with client and EMR vendor to develop interface. (If applicable)

Step Six:

In-service all department staff on protocol details.

Step Seven:

Existing client owned inventory is determined, counted and assigned cost for purchase by National DME as it is dispensed each month.

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