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Completely eliminate the cost of DME and Ortho supplies throughout your hospital, clinic or surgery center. All departments can benefit from our Inventory Outsource program, including inpatient. Moreover, our program manages DME for discharging patients. Simple and efficient cost elimination.

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How our solution can save your facility time and money

By completely outsourcing the provision and management of DME and orthopedic soft-goods throughout your facility, you reduce labor and eliminate cost immediately improving profitability.

Vendor Neutral

National DME is not a manufacturer. This means we work with ALL manufactures and suppliers of DME and Orthopedic soft-goods, ensuring you have the brands your doctors want.

Full Service

National DME staff visit your facility on a regular basis to re-stock the shelves in each area or location of your facility. This includes Emergency departments, community clinics, inpatient/same day surgery floors and rehab departments. We use our proprietary algorithm to manage par levels, at each location, thus ensuring efficient use of space and preventing run-outs.

Full Reporting

Through our online portal, you can see real-time inventory at each location. Reporting of dispensed items, inventory shrinkage and inpatient utilization is accurate and timely. Our reporting ensures compliance with State and Federal regulations.


National DME offers unique services to the healthcare industry. From large hospital systems to worker's comp carriers and Medicaid plans, our services save money and create efficiency.

Inventory Outsourcing

Whether you are a large hospital system or small physician practice, our inventory outsource solution can eliminate the costs associated with providing DME and orthopedic soft-goods to your patients. Let us show you the efficiencies and savings we can provide. Schedule a call with one of our representatives today.

Order DME

Our unique portal, OrderDME.com, allows workers comp management companies and Medicaid plans to efficiently provide all DME and supplies to their injured workers or beneficiaries at a managed cost. Visit our website to learn more.


If you are a manufacturer of medical products, you can partner with us to showcase your products to the healthcare industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions regarding our services are shown below. For more questions, please speak to one of our representatives here.

  • What type of medical facilities can utilize National DME?

    Any practice or facility that routinely dispenses DME and orthopedic soft-goods to patients as part of their treatment plan. This can include any size hospital or hospital system, urgent care community clinics and even family practice and specialty clinics. All of these practices can benefit from eliminating the cost of DME.

  • National DME helps clinics in rural areas by providing the exact process for the elimination of DME costs as we offer to larger urban based hospitals and clinics. Through our web portal, inventory can be managed and ordered in a seamless and efficient manner. For more information speak with a representative here.

  • National DME is the only provider of 'inventory outsourcing' solutions that incorporates all areas of a hospital where DME is used. This includes managing the costs associated with inpatient use of DME. Discharging patients that need DME, including spine bracing is also managed by National DME in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • As well as being an accredited Medicare supplier, National DME is a contracted provider for thousands of commercial, Medicare advantage and Medicaid plans nationwide. In addition, we have deep relationships with hundreds of workers comp plans and third-party management companies. National DME accepts all patients, whether insured or not.

  • National DME is not a manufacturer of any medical products. Therefore we have no incentive to 'railroad' your doctors into using any one brand. We are vendor neutral and work with all manufacturers and distributors to ensure your doctors have the products they want to use for their patients.


Salt Lake City, Utah

Nestled in the heart of Utah, our facility in Salt Lake City serves as a vital center for our medical logistics operations.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Positioned in vibrant Las Vegas, our facility provides seamless medical logistics amid the dynamic healthcare landscape of the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Belpre, Ohio

Our Ohio location strategically bridges healthcare networks, ensuring efficient medical logistics at the heart of the Midwest.

Boise & Idaho Falls, Idaho

In the serene landscapes of Idaho, our facility operates as a crucial nexus for medical logistics, dedicated to delivering healthcare solutions with precision and care to the Gem State and beyond.

Tampa, Florida

Located in the bustling city of Tampa, Florida, our OrderDME team manages our Workers comp and Medicaid service platforms.

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About us

National DME was founded on the principle of integrity in the delivery of products and services to the healthcare industry. This integrity leads to dedicated, hard-working employees who embody our mission, goals and overall vision.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive services which maintain and improve the physical and mental health of all people who come to us in need.

We are committed to excellence in patient care and our relationships with physicians, employees, vendors, purchasers, and the public we serve.

Our Goals

Our goal is simple, to strive for excellence in all that we provide to the healthcare industry

To be preferred for the quality of our service. To be regarded for the excellence and innovation of our staff. To be recognized for the effective use of technology. To be known for our commitment to our company, our patients and our community.

Our History

National DME was founded in 1997 in Salt Lake City, Utah

Over the past several decades, our company has grown and is recognized as the leader in inventory outsourcing solutions for all healthare providers. We are also recognized as an innovative provider of DME and supply services to the workers comp and Medicaid industries.

Our Accreditation

Compliance is among our top priorities.

National DME has been Accredited with Community Health Accreditation Program since 2002 and we are a certified Medicare supplier. We comply with all National, State and local health care laws and regulations.

Our Team

National DME's management team is a diverse group of experts in healthcare claim management and supply chain distribution. Each team member brings a unique perspective and operates at a high level of competence and integrity.

J. Scott Cottis

Founder & CEO

J. Scott Cottis oversees National DME’s enterprise strategic initiatives, budget planning, and overall customer experience. Over the course of 25 years, he has established strong relationships with many manufacturers and distributors in the DME industry. These relationships are leveraged to provide simple, cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Prior to founding National DME, Mr. Cottis founded two other healthcare related companies including the licensing and successful sale of specific home rehab/strengthening video products.

He has a passion for problem solving through innovation and technology to restore health and change lives.

Jon Hill

Chief Operating Officer

Jon Hill manages the procurement of DME products company wide as well as manages the day-to-day operations of the purchasing and warehouse teams and field staff. He is responsible for inventory management as well as the strategic direction of our provider network all while maintaining the solid partnerships with our existing manufacturers and distributors.

Mr. Hill has more than 20 years of experience in the DME industry and has been instrumental in developing key features and tactical processes to simplify the supply chain model and improve the speed of delivery of DME products.

Michele Avila

Senior Vice President

Michele Avila is responsible for managing operations and sales, providing strategic leadership and ensuring customer satisfaction for OrderDME. As a DME/Managed Care expert, she understands the complexity and fragmentation of the DME industry and provides simplified, cost-effective solutions as well as evaluates customers’ outcomes with data analytics and benchmarking metrics.

Ms. Avila started her career in 1987 as a field case manager and has since served in numerous executive positions. Before joining OrderDME, she notably developed and created Coventry DMEplus, an Aetna/CVS company. With over 30 years in the field, Ms. Avila has worked in numerous roles, allowing her to bring a comprehensive and unique understanding of healthcare, managed care and workers’ compensation to Order DME.

Her passion expands far beyond the company’s products to all customers as she is compassionately dedicated to restoring health and changing lives.

Tony Serassio

Chief Financial Officer

Tony joined National DME in 2010. Prior to joining the company, he received both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in accounting from Westminster University. Mr. Serassio is responsible for maintaining the financial health of the company. During his time with National DME, he has helped develop more effective processes for the accounting, billing, and customer service departments.

Mr. Serassio brings a wealth of talent and skill to all aspects of National DME's financial growth and stability.

John Weidauer

Chief Technology Officer

John joined National DME in 2003 and is responsible for the company's information technology platform and infrastructure. Mr. Weidauer also helped develop and implement critical and proprietary in-house software systems used in the company's business models.

Mr. Weidauer has expertise in HL7 interfaces, SQLServer, Linux and a host of related software interfaces, systems and platforms.


National DME is dedicated to the highest degree of customer satisfaction and service. Please contact us to learn more about how we can serve your needs.


7757 Allen St, Midvale, UT 84047


+1 (800) 644-1968